It’s never too late to show your child (teens and adults too) that you believe in them. The way you support, reassure, and encourage your child will empower them for a lifetime. You don’t need money or things to empower your child either. In fact, it’s your words and actions that they need most and they are completely free.

The following 10 empowering phrases should be said to your child daily or weekly. If saying all ten phrases each day is too much, begin by saying three or four of the phrases each day until all of have been said within a week’s time, then repeat them the next week. The important thing to remember is that you say the phrases with meaning to your child. Trust me, using a robotic rehearsed type of voice won’t get either of you anywhere.

Don’t want to just ‘say one of the phrases’ to your child? BE CREATIVE! You can write them down on Post-It Notes or any kind of paper and place them around your child’s room or on their toys and games. Put a note in their lunch box or backpack. For older children, place notes with some of the phrases on them in their cars, or on their bicycles or skateboards. Get even more creative and attach notes to their favorite snacks in the cupboard and the refrigerator. The supportive messages don’t have to just verbalized, you have the power of paper and social media too. The important thing here, is that you are always letting them know that you believe in them through your words AND actions.

1- Your ideas are amazing.
2- I am proud of you.
3- You don’t have to be perfect to be great.
4- Don’t compare yourself to others.
5- Go ahead and dream big!
6- It’s okay if you make mistakes.
7- Go for it!
8- Small ideas are just as great as big ones.
9- It doesn’t matter where you start, anything is possible.
10- Don’t be afraid to be YOU!

So what are you waiting for? Start empowering your child right now!

Let the rest of us know how creative you got with your empowering messages. I would love to hear how your child is reacting to this AND in a few months what kind of effect it has had on them and you.