Short Version


Christy, is a mom, specialized elementary school teacher, author, and award-winning photographer. She fell in love with words when she first learned how to write her name with red finger paint. Inspiring children, teens, and adults is her passion. She lives in Utah with her husband, two kids, two point five cats, and two dogs.

According to Christy, “Life is a verb, not an adjective! Enjoy who you are!”




Long Version

Christy FrazierChristy Frazier has been in love with words ever since she learned how to write her name with red finger-paint in Kindergarten. Up until 2016 she has mainly been writing young adult urban fantasy novels. She credits her motivation for writing these to her students who in the beginning encouraged her to try and publish her first novel, Untamed Dreams- Curse of The Opal. Her Untamed Dreams series went from being a trilogy to a series due to her fan’s reaction to ending the series. They wanted more, so she wrote more!
Her children’s books were inspired by her own two children and the many elementary age children she has taught over the years. She has always felt that a child’s imagination is one of her greatest inspirations since kids aren’t afraid to use it.

Christy’s formal education includes a degree in “Art Commercial Photography” from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. She has also taken many creative writing courses and workshops. She belongs to several writer’s groups that continually challenge their members with writing assignments. She also traveled to New York City and spent four days at a writers and the media workshop.

Due to the combination of having a passion in two creative areas of art, she has illustrated all of her book covers. Her daughter, Lexi, is on all of the covers with the exception of her children’s book, Once There Was a Snowbear. Then again she is in the story itself.

Her writing experience includes writing many articles for a small newspaper in her area for several years until they closed their doors. For over sixteen years Christy has taught creative writing courses for children, teens, and adults.

Christy has been teaching advanced learner’s grades K-6 for sixteen years. She attributes her passion of helping children, teens, and adults discover their areas of smart/strength to her career as a specialized teacher. She feels that as a teacher she has inspired her students to realize their potential to achieve success in many areas and the students have inspired her right back.

Public speaking opportunities include workshops for educators, teaching photography workshops, conducting workshops for the Boy Scouts of America, and speaking to large audiences on a variety of topics including self-discovery and acceptance.

Christy lives in Utah with her husband, two kids, two point five cats, (one of which fetches like a dog) and a vegetarian yellow lab dog.

“Life is a verb not an adjective.”
-Christy Frazier