Amanda Carlson

Brief background
I grew up in Utah. Got married shortly after graduating high school took one semester of college, and then quit when asked by new husband at that time to stop going and spend the time with him.

Challenges I overcame proved to myself I could do it
The first hurdle was starting the company. The second hurtle was ending a bad marriage after 12 years and picking up the pieces of my life and starting over again. The third hurtle was deciding to sell my company and go back to school to get a better education as a single mom. The fourth challenge was starting school over after being out of the education system for over 14 years. Each of these took a considerable amount of work lots of extra hours and lots of working through challenging issues, but each was worth it in the end!

Who inspires me
I have many people I admire and look up to but the common thread among them is they have fought against inequality and injustice, didn’t worry about what others thought about them, and have worked to make the world a better place.

Focusing on the big picture drives my passion. There are days where you are worn out, exhausted and unsure what the next step is. Those are the days you must pick yourself up and focus and daydream about the big picture of what you are bringing to fruition. I also remind myself how hard it was for many of the people I admire. This helps put my challenges into perspective. I also spend time everyday looking for the tender mercies God sends each day. It helps me stay grateful for all I have been blessed with.

Words of advice
Remember, there is a difference between forgiveness and holding onto unhealthy relationships. You can completely forgive someone for the wrongs they have caused you and learn to love them and see them as God sees them as his child. This does not mean you continue to allow them to hurt you. Healthy boundaries are an important part of keeping yourself in a good place in life, to bring the things you need into your life.

Remember no matter what anyone else tells you, you are special and have greatness within you. I love a Ted talk by Amy Cuddy on body language. I used this video along with saying positive affirmations regularly to change my outlook on life and my self-image. As you discover your true worth, remain or become teachable and see your potential as God sees you. By doing this you will allow God the ability to start turning you into what he sees you capable of. Remember to stay in the present moment and take everything one day at a time.

Amanda has a fantastic website that is guaranteed to both inspire and motivate you.
Please check it out, I promise you, you will be glad you did!

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