According to mChild Picturey dad, brother, and sister, I was jumping up and down on the back seat of the car, then leaped over to the front seat. From there, I must have bumped the door handle and out I went. (Yes, this was before the seatbelt law went into effect.) I don’t remember falling out of the car, just rolling behind it.

For days I didn’t want anybody to look at my skinned up head, arms, and legs. Let’s just say that my self-esteem had been “bruised” and I was embarrassed to be seen by anybody, even our dog.

Not everybody falls out of a car to experience low self-esteem. Children, teens, and adults all experience this at some point in their lives. Some find ways to overcome it while others struggle to do this.

Pocket Cheerleader is a fun and energetic destination for everybody. Here you will learn how to discover your personal strengths or help your child to discover theirs. BUT you will have fun doing it!

I will be featuring fun activities in a variety of areas, great books to read and have many guest bloggers to keep things spiced up.

So buckle up (yes I just said this) and let’s go on an awesome adventure of empowering you!