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Art Doesn’t Matter…

Recently I was teaching some of my fifth graders how to make a geometric stained glass window using a clear plastic frame, acrylic paint and clear Elmer’s Glue. The project had been quite challenging for some of the students. While working on their projects one of my students made the comment, “Why do we have […]

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Creativity Experiment

I thought I would try a creative experiment on my Facebook page. I posted a picture of a single Lego and asked, “If I gave you one Lego, what would you do with it? (Be creative.)

I knew that with the many diverse personalities on my friends list I would get some different answers. Read on:

Several […]

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  • What is creativity

What Is Creativity?

When I looked up an official definition of the word, creativity, I found many different answers. Some definitions included: personality traits, idea-centric communications, phenomenon, conducive environments, only for artist, etc. EEK! Is it that complicated of a word and only for people with paint brushes???

I then decided to “be more creative” in finding my answer […]

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  • Be somebody's hero

Be Your Child’s Pocket Cheerleader- 5 Easy Steps

Every child needs someone who believes in them. This person must be willing to get behind them and tell them they can do things, especially when things get tough. Does this mean you need to follow your child around with pompoms and chant pep rally cheers to them? Of course not; it means you need […]

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Have A Hero and Be A Hero

It doesn’t matter how old you are! Children, teens and adults, want heroes, someone to look up to. Many heroes have had challenges. Some of the challenges are physical while others may be mental or emotional. Since this month is Autism Awareness Month, I chose to focus on heroes who have/had challenges but overcame them […]

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The Advantage Special Needs Children Have Over Other Children

All children enter this life with an abundance of needs. They need to be loved, nurtured, fed, clothed and educated along with many other needs to prepare them for life. Children with special needs are those who have a developmental, physical or medical difficulty that requires care beyond that required by their peers. Some cases […]

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National Crayon Day

Today is National Crayon Day. This brings a celebration of decades of creativity that has been influenced by those fun, mini cylinders full of waxy colors. It also brings back memories of opening that brand new box of crayons! Am I the only one who liked seeing the fresh points of each new crayon as it […]

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  • Eleanor Wasson

28,000 Martinis and Still Counting

Eleanor Wasson

“We are put on this Earth to learn a lesson so we can evolve.”

I had asked my long-time friend and college bestie to participate in my Wonderful Women series. It didn’t take Suzanne long to get back with me, but she didn’t want me to write about the many incredible things she has done […]

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  • Beth nesossis

Inspiration Can Come Even During The toughest times

Phyllis, Libby and Mark are very close and devoted to their mother, Beth (short for Elizabeth). Beth grew up in Jackson, Mississippi. At the age of 88, she has seen and lived through many of the changes in the United States. If you think about it, 88 years ago, many households didn’t have indoor bathrooms […]

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  • Jo

The Unbound Survivor

Jos-Madelaine Standing aka known to simply go by “Jo” is a born and raised Virginian. As a teenager accepted into a world renown school in New York City she lived in multiple major U.S. cities before moving to Canada for nearly ten years where she studied both the creative and fine arts at Universities, Colleges and […]

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