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Be Your Child’s Pocket Cheerleader!

Instruction does much, but encouragement everything.
– J. W. Goethe

Every child needs someone who believes in them. This person must be willing to get behind them and tell them they can do things, especially when things get tough. Does this mean you need to follow your child around with pompoms and chant pep rally cheers to […]

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Turn up your radio and sing as loud as you want!

 I have been teaching advanced learners for sixteen years. Every year I like to have a theme for my classroom. My themes always revolve around the children empowering themselves. This year’s theme is: What is your superpower? It’s fun to listen to the kids as they read my bulletin boards, which are in the hallway […]

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Her Touch Still Means The World To Me

Story contributed by: Wayne Brumley

I am posting this to show the hand that I have been holding for the last 45 years since we said I DO. I still feel the excitement from here touch and the warmth of her love every time I hold it. She has been the other part of my heart […]

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Guest Author: Trauma Drama/PTSD

PTSD isn’t just a military diagnosis. You can suffer from PTSD (Trauma Drama) from being bullied, injured, illness, death of a loved one, divorce, strained family relationships, being bitten by a dog, etc. When I met Jo in New York this past April, I discovered that she has a real passion (and lots of experience) […]

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Overcoming An Unexpected Challenge

Until the age of fifteen my daughter fit the definition of a “normal functioning” child. Then everything changed and I was completely unprepared for the challenges we faced. She had lost half her vision in one eye, then it was discovered that she couldn’t see the color red.

We saw many doctors and specialists. One claimed […]

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It’s Imperfections That Keep Us Alive

I recently watched the movie High Strung on Netflix. It’s a fun movie that can be watched by all. The story revolves around Ruby, a new student at a performing arts school in Manhattan. As hard as Ruby tries please one of her demanding dance instructors, she can’t. Her classical dance instructor sees her frustration […]

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The Day My Students Met Helen Keller

I am very fortunate to work at a fantastic elementary school, with the most awesome staff members. My job of working with advanced learners, K through 6, gives me the opportunity to go beyond the regular classroom work. For the past two years my third grade groups learned about Helen Keller. They were all impressed […]

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Special Needs Children Have An Advantage

All children enter into this life with an abundance of needs. Children with special needs should never be stopped or limited to exploring who they are or reaching their full potential. All children have their own learning style whether or not they have a special need. An advantage special needs children can have over other […]

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Listen To What Your Kids Want To Do

Recently I had the opportunity to do a radio interview with Neil Haley of Total Education Network. We discussed ways parents can help their children realize their potential and use it in their lives. If I could ever give anybody a tip with their kiddos is listen to what they want to do, not what […]

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Kids need inquiry-based exploring in their lives. Let them choose a project, game, or activity in an area they enjoy. But, encourage them to go deeper and explore what is beyond the surface. For example, say your child is interested in drawing. Instead of just giving them a pencil and a piece of paper, encourage […]

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