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I have been in love with words since I first learned how to write my name in kindergarten, with red finger paint. Writing and telling stories is something I have always enjoyed. It wasn’t until 2010, when I published my first book, that a fire was lit under my feet ( or in my pen) and I began to write novels, then progressed to self-help books. I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I am in writing them.

-Christy  :O)

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Hey All Kids are SmartHey! All Kids Are Smart

This must-read book is a powerful tool that will help you and your child (including special needs children) discover where their areas of smart are. Easy to follow guidelines, activities, a plan of action, how to inspire your child, and a simple interest survey are included. Your child’s world will open up with many new and empowering possibilities!
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Hey! all kids are smart

Are Youb Smart 222Are You Smart?

Mrs. Dilly’s class goes on a magical bus ride to the All Kids Are Smart School. Most of the kids don’t think they are smart. Soon each of them discover they are smart in their own unique way in this fun and energetic story. This inspiring story is for anyone, at any age, who has ever doubted how smart they really are. We all learn in many different ways. It was written specifically for children so they can discover for themselves their areas of smart. Activities in each area of “smart” have also been included.
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Hey! all kids are smart

Ladies Ladies! What Shoe Are You?
Now Available!

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This easy and fun guide is designed to help women of all ages discover the many ways they are already strong. Once they have discovered their true personal strengths, their world will open up with countless new and empowering opportunities. Easy to follow guidelines, fun activities, an easy plan of action, a simple personal strength survey, plus much, much more are included.
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Hey! all kids are smart


   The Untamed Dreams series begins with seventeen-year-old Kayli, whose life changes when she moves in with her great aunt. She begins to have strange dreams that keep taking her to another world filled with pirates. At times they seem so real, that she can even taste the salty air from the ocean. She meets Colton, who is has a secret, one that has placed a curse on him. Both of their worlds collide pulling Kayli into the dangers of Colton’s dangerous pirate world. Soon the two realize that they are connected and that it will take both of them to undo the curse. However, the most dangerous journey the two will take together is falling in love.

What people are saying

“This novel is filled with adventure, romance, pirates and dreams. The author described all of the scenes very well. From the old Victorian house to the pirate ship, I was there with Kayli. The big surprise around the middle of the book completely took me by surprise. This book is fun, unique and touching. The reader will fall in love with Untamed Dreams – Curse of the Opal.”

Kim McCann – Author

Book 1

Untamed Dreams- Curse of the Opal

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Book 2

Untamed Dreams- Curse of the Opal

Book 3

Untamed Dreams-The Twin Stars

Book 4

Untamed Dreams-A Dangerous Beginning

Non Series

What can I say, I’m having fun writing!

Hey all kids are smart

The Mortician’s Daughter
A story so funny, you’ll die laughing!

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