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Many years ago, when my nieces and nephews were little, and before I had children of my own, I wrote and illustrated a personal story for each of them. Over time, my copies of the stories have sat in a file cabinet waiting to be read by children again.

For this reason, I am offering their stories for free.

 It’s time for them to be enjoyed again!

Click on the image and download. It’s that easy.

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Jennifer Jelly BeanJennifer Jelly Bean

A fun story about a girl who loves
Jelly Beans so much, that even her
bed and  house are shaped like a
Jelly Bean!

CaseyCasey’s Wish

Everybody makes wishes. One night,
Casey’s wish to go into outer space
comes true. Look for the fun space activities you can do at the end of the story.

alphabet, Amy FrazierA Is For Amy, Not Apple!

Amy is a rambunctious little girl, who loves adventure and the alphabet! Look for the fun ABC treat you can make at the end of the story.

Dakota Hyde

Dakota and Dingo

Dakota and his dog, Dingo, are the best of friends. They love to do many things together including going on adventures. Their adventure to the top of a mountain has many surprises including running into several wild animals!

Colter Olsen

Colter’s Caterpillar

Colter finds a caterpillar at the park. He takes it home only to discover the next day that it is missing. Where did it go? Like Colter, you will be pleasantly surprised