• amanda

As You Discover Your True Worth, Remain or Become Teachable

Amanda Carlson

Brief background
I grew up in Utah. Got married shortly after graduating high school took one semester of college, and then quit when asked by new husband at that time to stop going and spend the time with him.

Challenges I overcame proved to myself I could do it
The first hurdle was starting the company. The […]

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  • Sandra Showalter

It’s Okay To Be You

Sandra Showalter

Captures the photographic memories of a lifetime.

Sandra lives in Houston, Texas.  She owns her own photographic studio, It’s Your Turn Photography. Although I have yet to meet her in person, we have been participating in a professional photographers group that my uncle, Geof got me into “Fortbenders Photographers”. Sandra’s photographic work is very inspiring, […]

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  • Kilee 2

If You Stay Strong and Look At The Cup Half Full, Things Will Work Out

Kilee Gumbredt

My name is Kilee. I grew up in Utah. I am a single parent of a handsome boy who is now 5 years old. I’m also a professional cosmetologist. I enjoy helping people and making them happy. I have had a few challenges in my life, one being when I was a child my […]

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  • amy-graduation

My Dad’s Encouraging Advice Changed Everything For Me

Amy King

My name is Amy, and I grew up in San Diego, California. Growing up school was always difficult for me. In elementary school, I struggled with basic math and writing. As the years progressed I remember getting further behind. I was always in the “beginning” classes, and I knew it. I was self-conscious about […]

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  • Hailey 1

Hailey – What 152 Kids Taught Me

Hailey Achtor Nash
A teaching beginning
I’ve been called Miss Hailey, Miss Achter, and Mrs. Nash. I was born and raised in Layton, Utah and grew up with two sisters and one brother. Maybe it was the hours of “pretend school” we played with hand written worksheets and rotated turns of being “Principal Achter.” Maybe it was […]

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  • Einstein-2

Albert Einstein: “The Dopey One”

Never give up on your child!!!! Teach them that they are all smart in their own way, show them how they are smart, then let them prove it to you. Some kids will grasps learning new things right away, while others take longer and that’s OKAY!

Albert Einstein is considered the most influential physicist of the […]

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  • power-of-words

An Easy 4 Step Plan of Action For Helping Someone Else

Encourage other people to be their best.

Cheer them on when things get tough.

Cheer with them when they do well.

Don’t be aggressively pushy. Nobody likes a bully even if you think it’s for their own good. Be the positive strength in their efforts.

Personally, I strongly encourage everybody to be someone else’s Pocket Cheerleader. You never know […]

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  • Coco

Be Nice Be Supportive!

A week before my grandpa passed away from cancer, he had me drive him around to various places to finalize some business and to say goodbye to people. Although, at the time, I didn’t realize that saying goodbye to people was part of his errands I was going to help him with.

Everywhere we went, he […]

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  • Setting goals teenagers

Teens and New Year’s Resolutions- A Different Take On It

The beginning of a new year is a perfect time for setting goals. With teens it may mean something a bit. Right now they are busy in school, keeping up with assignments, some are working jobs, playing school sports or participating in other school activities, while many are learning to drive. The thought of adding […]

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  • Setting goals 8 to 12

Help With Setting New Year Resolutions For kids 8 to 12

When a child reaches age eight and up to twelve, they understand better what a resolution is. I did ask a group of children in this age bracket what they thought about setting a New Year Resolution. I received some interesting answers:

Isn’t that when people write down things they want to do, but most […]

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