Get Yourself Off Of The Clearance Rack!

A friend of mine from high school, Scott Jensen, enjoys creating and writing inspirational quotes and posting them on Facebook. Recently he posted a quote that I really enjoyed. In fact, I liked it so much I put it onto an image that I designed and photographed. (It’s actually in a pictorial book I created […]

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Her Touch Still Means The World To Me

Story contributed by: Wayne Brumley

I am posting this to show the hand that I have been holding for the last 45 years since we said I DO. I still feel the excitement from here touch and the warmth of her love every time I hold it. She has been the other part of my heart […]

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Overcoming An Unexpected Challenge

Until the age of fifteen my daughter fit the definition of a “normal functioning” child. Then everything changed and I was completely unprepared for the challenges we faced. She had lost half her vision in one eye, then it was discovered that she couldn’t see the color red.

We saw many doctors and specialists. One claimed […]

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