Every child needs someone who believes in them. This person must be willing to get behind them and tell them they can do things, especially when things get tough. Does this mean you need to follow your child around with pompoms and chant pep rally cheers to them? Of course not; it means you need to encourage and support them in their efforts.

A “Pocket Cheerleader” is the person in a child’s life who encourages them when things get tough and cheer them when they succeed. You must be the significant power behind your child as they explore and learn about their strengths.

Superman is a great example. When he is dressed like a civilian he is still confident of his powers because underneath his clothes are the “super power” clothes his mother made for him. Does he need to wear the clothes to be a super human? No, but they remind him of who he is and what he can do.

To be a Pocket Cheerleader you must be willing to:

Encourage your child.

Cheer them on when things get tough.

Cheer with them when they do well.

Don’t be aggressively pushy. Nobody likes a bully even if you think it’s for their own good. Be the positive strength in their efforts.

DO NOT compare your child to other children! Let them be their own individual in their successes and trials.

I urge every parent, adult or friend of a child to be their Pocket Cheerleader. You never know what kind of impact you’re having on a child. You may see the results in a month or two or ten years from now. What is important is that you believed in them. Trust me, they will never forget you.

Who has been the pocket cheerleader in your life?

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