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This personal Comfort Pet/fidget toy will comfort anyone ages 4 through adult and provide them with emotional support, especially in stressful and scary situations. Its soft body is used as a sensory comforter when rubbed with your fingers. Inside, it has a soft stuffing as well as a small section in hip with a bead-like filling. When gently squeezed, this area gives a crunching feeling to help relieve stress.

Your Comfort Pet comes with:
* An official Comfort Pet vest
* ID tag with the Comfort Pet logo
* A small (4″x 5″) blanket for your pet
Paper work includes:
* Official Comfort Pet Certification (Each pet comes with its own unique name)
* Adoption Certificate (This is emailed to you after you have officially registered your pet)
* Care Guide Book
* A true rescue dog story

Your Comfort Pet’s small size makes it easy to transport and even conceal when you want to keep them a secret. They are the perfect size for riding in your pocket, purse, briefcase, backpack, or in your hand.

The Comfort Pet is approximately 3″x3″x0.5″ (LxHxW)

**Please note that this pet is not for a small child due to small chokeable pieces on and in the pet.


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