I thought I would try a creative experiment on my Facebook page. I posted a picture of a single Lego and asked, “If I gave you one Lego, what would you do with it? (Be creative.)

I knew that with the many diverse personalities on my friends list I would get some different answers. Read on:

Several in the beginning wrote silly answers about placing the Lego where people would step on it, while others mentioned having to pick it out of the bottom of their foot. I do have to agree that it can be a bit painful to step on these little very squared shapes.

Then others were very creative with their answers.

* Use it as a trap and wait for you to step on it. Soon as you fall down in a pile of anguish and pain I will steal more Legos.

* Make sure it was NEVER on the floor to be stepped on!!!

* Use it in play doh or sand as a mold of sorts and make a little play doh or sand castle of sorts and of course destroy it once finished.

*  Drill a hole in each end and use it as a bead for a bracelet!

* Drill a hole through it and wear it as a piece of jewelry. Response to this came from this friends mom, Like mother, like daughter!

*  Lose it in my sinus cavity while attending a boring conference so I can go to the ER.

* Hide it inside a pancake on April Fool’s Day! (This came from my sister since our mom was famous for pulling some of the greatest jokes on April Fool’s Day, including putting fabric in our pancakes one year!)

* Throw it at annoying people when their backs are turned. Then, when they ask if I threw it, I’d show them I don’t have any Legos thus it couldn’t possibly be me.

* Some of these comments are a little concerning.

*  Put it on my husband’s side of the bed before he got in….

Use it as a starting indicator, for each day I do something good, I’ll find another Lego and add on. Then I have a tower of good over time.

* I even had one friend who turned it into a fraction math problem!  Creative math!

*Try to find him a blue one, and then they could start a family.

What I found to be the most interesting thing about this experiment in creativity, is how each of the answers I received WERE creative in their uses. Each of the ideas were original, used imagination and were innovative and they came from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds.  Creativity can be interpreted differently by the individual, and it is used in everything we have and do.

In my next article, I will post some photos of what some of my students did with a box I filled up with various boxes and everyday things. They knocked my socks off!

Tell me, what you think? Agree or disagree?