Welcome to Dingo’s Adventure page. Dingo is the official mascot of “My Comfort Pet” products. My Comfort Pets have been designed to provide children, teens and adults with emotional support, especially in stressful and scary situations. Every Comfort Pet has  a story to tell and many have been shared with us.

We would love for you to take Dingo on an adventure and share it with us and all of our readers!

    How To Share Your Adventure With Dingo

1- Cut Dingo out.  (CLICK HERE for a printable pattern).
Take him on an adventure (park, vacation, zoo, movies, picnic, bike ride, sports game, etc.)
3. Take pictures of him!
4- SUBMIT your picture and description of your adventure to:
Your submission should include: A picture of Dingo on his adventure, a brief description of your adventure, your full name and address.


PLEASE READ!!! By submitting your picture and story you are verifying that you are 18 or older. A parent or legal guardian must enter a story/picture submission for a younger child. You are also giving us full permission to publicize your picture and story on the pocketcheerleader.com website.

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Places Dingo Has Been… So Far.