childs-verse-in-life-part-2When someone believes in you, you’ll believe in yourself. And when you believe in yourself, you will be able to achieve anything!


 Is any one person smarter than another? There are some who may debate my answer, but I say no. All of us have our own unique way of learning and our own distinctive way in how we explore and use our knowledge. So, as I mentioned in my previous article, we all have a “verse” in life, or what I call an area of strength. Our individual strengths are what define us. It’s what makes each of us unique in how we learn, explore and use our knowledge.

Every child, and yes even every adult, has the ability to understand how their own strengths work and how to change them.  The brain is like a sponge; therefore, there isn’t a limit on how much it can learn. All a child needs to begin with is knowing where their areas of strength are and how to develop and expand them.


So, how do you go about discovering what is already there in your child or within yourself? Let’s begin by Identifying where the child’s strongest areas of strength are.

First you need to identify your child’s strongest areas of “smart.” A FREE “Smarts/Areas of Strength Survey” is provided here on my website. I deliberately chose not to use the words test and quiz. I feel that these words can immediately create a negative or uncomfortable feeling in some children. Look at the questions first, then when you have some quiet time sit down with your child while they take the “Smarts/Areas of Strength Survey.” Younger children may require your help.  I also encourage you, as the parent or guardian of the child, to take the Survey too. Who knows, you may discover a new area of strength you didn’t realize you had! It’s never too late for anyone to grow in a new area.

I am also going to redirect you to another page on this website. It has a detailed 7 Day Plan to assist you as you guide your child through their journey of discovering who they are and what their own unique strength or “verse” is in life. Enjoy!