Setting goals 8 to 12When a child reaches age eight and up to twelve, they understand better what a resolution is. I did ask a group of children in this age bracket what they thought about setting a New Year Resolution. I received some interesting answers:

  • Isn’t that when people write down things they want to do, but most quit trying?
  • I loved this comment from a very “well informed” child. “It’s a fact that only 10% ever accomplish their goals and the rest just quit.”
    Answers from older kids were a mix of, “Yes I make resolutions” to “No way!”, to “B_O_R_I-N-G!”

Then there was one who said, “Of course I made some New Year Resolutions!”  He was very excited about this. Then I asked him if he would share one that he had made. With a great big smile he said, “I made a resolution to improve on everything in my life! We can always make things better.” Okay so this was a bit on the over-kill side, but hey, at least he was excited and positive about the idea of making a resolution.

I feel that due to the variety of responses I received from kids in this age bracket it is obvious that most have a negative attitude about this. Outside influences I’m sure have had a great effect on the kids.

Different Resolutions for Different Kids
A better approach to this is to sit down with your child and ask them if they have anything that they would like to work on. May I suggest that it not involve grades or eating better? Instead, suggest that they work on something that is of interest to them. My FREE Interest/Smarts Survey is a great resource if your child needs help identifying their areas of interest. If it’s to learn how to play basketball better such as shooting the ball into the basket from different angles encourage and help them. Do you know an older child or teen who is good at playing basketball? Try asking them if they would be willing to help your child play better.

Maybe your child wants to learn how to play the guitar but you don’t have the money to or time to put them into lessons. We live in the age of information at the tips of our fingers by using our home computers, iPads, and cell phones. There are many tutorials on Youtube and other websites that post free guitar lessons. My nephew learned how to play the guitar from watching Youtube tutorials. He is very good at playing the guitar and even plays at small functions now. My book, Hey! All Kids Are Smart has suggestions, activities and a plan of action to help your child in achieving their goals.

The Lasting Rewards
Not all New Year resolutions have to deal with weight loss and getting better grades. In fact, I would suggest that you start kids out at an early age in setting goals, but make them positive ones. Not only will they enjoy the accomplishments they are making but in future goal setting they will have a more positive attitude about doing it AND don’t be afraid to set larger goals in the future.