Story contributed by: Wayne Brumley

anniversay, wayne BrumleyI am posting this to show the hand that I have been holding for the last 45 years since we said I DO. I still feel the excitement from here touch and the warmth of her love every time I hold it. She has been the other part of my heart for all of those years. She has shown me how a woman can love a man and how together we can overcome the bumps in the road if we hold close to one another. God knew what we both needed when he allowed us to meet and has been helping to guide us through our lives for all of these years. She is my inspiration and picture of what unconditional love looks like from a woman to her husband. Her touch still means the world to me and I hope to keep holding this hand for many more years.

Happy Anniversary to you Linda Brumley, you are truly the love of my life and I treasure the time that we have spent together. I Love You With All Of My Heart. Thanks for honoring the commitment we made 45 years ago.

Love Wayne
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