Children and animals who are left in hot vehicles is very disturbing. Some are accidentally forgotten and others are left, “only for about ten minutes” with a cracked window. The reality is that over 27 children died in hot car-related deaths in 2016 in the United States alone by the beginning of August. The number of animals who died from heatstroke last year is unknown but one animal control officer stated, During the summer months of 2016 they averaged two to three calls a day reporting animals that had been left in a hot car. My daughter is a Veterinarian Technician. She said during the summer months of 2016, the clinic she works at had a minimum of three animals/pets a week  brought in due to car-related heatstroke from a pet being left in a hot car. Unfortunately, most of the pets can’t be saved.

The facts are, whether a car’s windows are partially open or closed, the interior temperature of a car can rise approximately 20 degrees within ten minutes, even when the outside temperature is only 72 degrees. After 30 minutes, the temperature can climb ten to twenty more degrees. Not only is the interior of the car heating up, so is the core temperature of the child’s and pet’s body.

Outside Temp (F)       Inside Temp (F)
10 min.   30 min.
70°                               89°          104°
75°                               94°          109°
80°                               99°          114°
85°                               104°        119°
90°                               109°        124°
95°                               114°        129°

Both children and pets have developed heatstroke within ten minutes of being left in a hot car, even on days when the outside temperature was only 70 degrees and the majority died or suffered brain damage. Many of these deaths have been accidental due to the parent or owner forgetting that the child or pet was left in the car.

To help raise awareness and assist in helping people remember that there is a child or pet in their car, I have created some door hanger signs. One of my door hanger signs can be placed on the outside of the door to the house that is used the most, AND another reminder sign can be placed on the steering wheel of the vehicle or rear view mirror. When the driver sits down to drive the car, the sign can then be placed on top of a purse, briefcase, or even hooked on the car door handle. The sign should be placed were the driver will see it when they exit their vehicle.

The signs are FREE!!!! There is no obligation to sign up for anything or buy anything.

PLEASE HELP me get the word out so that we can prevent more innocent children and pets from being forgotten in a hot car and the possibility of dying a horrible death.

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