Heather 2Heather Everett

I was born in Arizona and moved to Utah when I was seven-years-old. I am currently going to BYU to get my degree in Theatre Media Arts, Theatre Art Studies with an emphasis in costume design. I come from a wonderful family and I am the youngest of my three brothers.

 Challenge you overcame and/or a hurdle you got over and proved yourself.
For some it may be someone telling you that you couldn’t do it (maybe because you’re a woman or not educated or strong enough). For some, it may seem silly, but it was a huge decision for me to move out of my parents’ home and go to BYU, which is an hour away! I planned on living at home and commuting to Salt Lake City to go to LDS Business college and then eventually go to the University of Utah.

I was offered an opportunity to go to BYU and join their theatre program. I knew it would be an amazing opportunity but I had my heart set on a different plan and was unsure of this new idea. I remember a week before I was going to move to Provo, I still was unsure.

Even after my first semester into college and I was still uncertain why I was here. I wasn’t really in any classes that I enjoyed and felt so disconnected from the theatre program. My mom began to look through my student information and discovered an error, I had been put into the wrong major. I immediately made an appointment and went and talked to a counselor. After looking over my records, she suggested that I go talk to one of the design faculty members.

An unexpected surprise
I went in to ask the department head about being put into the wrong major. We discussed what I needed to do to correct my major declaration, along with scholarship opportunities. Through the course of our conversation he offered me a position to be one of his design assistants on a main stage show. To say the least, I was floored. This was the last thing I thought would happen in our meeting.

After almost a year of struggling with my decision to join a highly competitive major I was able to design something. It hit donned on me that day, that if I had given up on myself and my abilities and moved home after that first semester, I would never have met the people that have helped me further my career now.

People who inspire me
I am inspired by so many people! Obviously, I’m inspired by my amazing parents. My mom is so driven and my dad is so dedicated. It’s incredible what they’ve accomplished in their lives and I love them for giving me those attributes. I’m extremely inspired by my peers and colleagues too. I love people watching and I have been blessed to be able to see the good in people. I’m inspired by every person I have ever met. All of them have qualities about them that are inspirational, even if they don’t know it.

What drives your passion?
My passion is driven by the need to progress. I hate feeling idle and stuck in a job or a place in my life. I love learning, whether that is in an educational, religious, or secular setting.

* Follow your dreams.
* Don’t say that you can’t do something.
* Work with life and the opportunities that are given to you.
* Don’t settle because something might be difficult, fight through it with grace and elegance.
* The best way to help yourself is helping the people around you first. Just because someone is doing well doesn’t mean you’re doing bad.
* Cheer others on, be happy for their successes as well as your own.
* Do the best you can do and hope that for your competitors too.
* Everyone can succeed.

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