Kilee Gumbredt

My name is Kilee. I grew up in Utah. I am a single parent of a handsome boy who is now 5 years old. I’m also a professional cosmetologist. I enjoy helping people and making them happy. I have had a few challenges in my life, one being when I was a child my mother had breast cancer. They told her that she had a short time to live and she said nope I have kids and a life to live. That was when my mother taught me and my siblings that you can do anything you want too! You have to be positive!

I was lucky to have such an amazing role model teach me that even at the hardest of times, if you stay strong and look at the cup half full then things will work out. My mother has always had a smile on her face and said hello to everyone. She has been an amazing example. But even with a true amazing role model life happened.

As the years went on, I became a teenager. My hormones kicked in, life hit, things changed and I took a turn for the worse. I went into a deep depression. It was a difficult time for me. I had so many things going on that really hurt. I made some new friends in the wrong kind of crowds and I just spiraled down into this world where I didn’t care about my life. Eventually I saw how my choices were digging me into a deeper hole to the point where I was losing everything. Fortunately, my mother never gave up on me and knew who I truly was deep down.

I finally started to wake up when I was losing everything. People told me I was not a good person, I wouldn’t ever be able to change, and I wouldn’t make it, but I said no! I can and will change! I have the power in me to change! I went back to school and became a cosmetologist and took control of my life. My wonderful mother stood by my side and supported me. I began to care more, then make better choices on my way of finding my place in this world. Later on in my life I got into a relationship that was not good at all. He tore me down all the time, used me, and hurt me. I just stayed being blinded by “love” and falling for every excuse in the book. I continued my education and work. I became pregnant with my son. I realized I did not want my son to have this kind of life style so I did my best to prepare for this wonderful child.

There were many ups and downs. I took my education more serious and decided to go to school 9am-5pm and work 6pm-3am. I then graduated from beauty school. Then, I showed those people that said I couldn’t do it and loved every moment of it.

I then gave birth to my beautiful baby boy who instantly changed the meaning of love and showed me what true love was. He made me feel complete. Immediately after two days of being out of the hospital I returned to work knowing that I was the only one that could provide for this amazing boy. I then did what I had to protect my child. When my son was a few months old I noticed he began to get rashes and would spit up an unusual amount. At first I was told it was just a little eczema. It got worse and worse then I finally found out several doctors later that my son has EOE. EOE is a rare immune deficiency disease that makes the body attacks itself trying to get these allergy cells out. This is where we are now. We see an allergy specialist regularly to try to keep it under control. Each season brings new allergies reactions, but we have faith in the Lord.


We must stand strong and NEVER GIVE UP!

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