Sandra Showalter, It's your turn photographySandra Showalter

Captures the photographic memories of a lifetime.

Sandra lives in Houston, Texas.  She owns her own photographic studio, It’s Your Turn Photography. Although I have yet to meet her in person, we have been participating in a professional photographers group that my uncle, Geof got me into “Fortbenders Photographers”. Sandra’s photographic work is very inspiring, and her purpose for what she does for the youth with her talent, prompted me to ask her to be part of my Wonderful Women series. Read on…

My mother and teachers were my role models growing up. There were so many that would reach out to me to help push me along a different path.

One day I woke up with the message that I am to ‘help the children’. Ten years later of multiple tasks to help the children and none of it feeling genuine. Then another day, recently, the phrase ‘help the children’ came to mind and I knew what I was supposed to do.

This January 2017, I started a new adventure, by building a purposeful business. Purposeful, in that I will be hosting events to raise money for charities that are striving to help children in their own ways.

Only in photography can we capture the emotional changes of life. From nature to human reactions. Life is full of moments that we just wished we had that perfect photographic memory. But even then, that memory is to ourselves. This is why we have photography. To capture these moments in life that can be shared with others and looked at to remember.

I owe it to my mentors and my mother for pushing my direction of life, for I may not have been the one to receive such a message. I thank my children and husband for giving me even more of a reason to help those that can actually make our world a better place to live for the future generations.

For this I want to give to our young adults a sense of empowerment and that now it is their turn to make things happen!

* It’s okay to be you and no matter what facet of life you have come from, you matter.
* It’s your turn to show us what you have.

To see Sandra’s fantastic website and photography, please go to:

You will be inspired by what you read and see!

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