Summer is here and many kids will have a lot of time on their hands. So, what do you do with them all summer? Are you wanting them to do more than play video games or watch TV? If you answered yes I have a simple, no brainer solution for you.

First, read my article The Imagination Box- The Best Gift To Give A Child then act on it or just read on. Either way you will find the information you need.

Second, realize that your child doesn’t need to have money or expensive things to use their imagination. During this past school year, I began to collect various odds and ends around my house that I would have thrown away such as:

IMG_1533Cereal boxes
Toilet paper rolls
Empty tape cartridges
Bar soap boxes
Plastic bottles
Plastic lids
Wrapping paper rolls
Small pieces of foil
Plastic and paper bags
candy dispenserEmpty glue stick containers

These are just a few things I threw into a few boxes I had. I was surprised that it didn’t take me long to collect most these things.

As a precursor to beginning their projects, I did show my students some inventions on the Internet that kids had designed. When I did this same project with my Cub Scouts, all of them were just told to invent something “useful”, this was the ONLY rule they were given. I wish now that I had taken pictures of what my scouts created, but I did take pictures                                                                           of what some of my elementary students invented. (See below.)

IMG_1542I enjoyed watching and listening to the kids as they made their inventions. Some groaned, some cheered, while others sat quietly as they experimented with the many different gadgets that were available to them. Eventually, ALL of them created a “masterpiece” using their imagination. When their projects were finished, many started talking about what they were going to do next!

The Imagination Box isn’t complicated to put together (plus you are recycling something that would have been thrown away) and it is guaranteed to provide hours of creative fun, fun that didn’t involve the computer, cellphone, Game Cube or television or MONEY. Hmmm, IMAGINE that…

Check back here too. I have been working on some fun things to do this summer.

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