Kids need inquiry-based exploring in their lives. Let them choose a project, game, or activity in an area they enjoy. But, encourage them to go deeper and explore what is beyond the surface. For example, say your child is interested in drawing. Instead of just giving them a pencil and a piece of paper, encourage them to draw with other things like: paint, chalk, or metallic markers on black paper. This will open their minds to other possibilities of things they can do in an area that they enjoy.

Not only will they have fun doing the activity, but by exploring deeper into the topic, they will be more inquisitive on the next activity. Who knows, maybe they will take the current activity to a new level. By encouraging them to explore their areas of interest and going deeper, they will be empowered in many ways, such as:

  • Realizing they DO have talents and skills.
  • To not be afraid to try something new.
  • Talents come in a variety of areas.
  • They can be very successful in their area of interest.