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I think we can agree that not all kids like to do the same activities. Some prefer to be outside playing games while others are happier to be sitting at a table drawing or writing. As a parent and a teacher I have a variety of websites that I visit very often to come up with ideas and activities for my kids and students. Below are some of my favorite websites. I will continue to add to the list, so keep checking back.

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Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
of Utah
I can’t say enough about what they do here. Both of my children volunteered here for years, and they learn so much.
On their website they offer:
Learn about nature and wildlife while having fun! Read a story online or learn new facts about nature. Or you can print coloring pages and word-searches to take with you on the road.
The possibilities are endless, so sit back and enjoy a section dedicated to you!

computer program coding for kids

“The ‘Hour of Code™’ is a nationwide initiative by Computer Science Education Week[] and[] to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.”

I use this awesome program in my classroom. I love it and so do my students.
It is parent, teacher and KID friendly.

Check it out!

activities for kds

As a teacher and parent, I can’t say enough awesome things about this website! On you will find, art projects on a variety of topics and ages. They offer crafts, coloring pages and even lesson plans for teachers. Plan on spending some time looking around!

journey north, citizen science

I have been using this website’s activities in my classroom for ten years. It’s focus is on how seasonal changes effects everything around us. It is a FREE Internet-based program that encourages children of all ages to explore plants and the seasons, migration patterns of animals and Monarch Butterflies and much more.
There are lesson plans, videos, workbooks, slideshows, experiments, activities galore, art projects, and much, much more! Science has never been more FUN!!!!!

Note: I was given permission by Beth Allen to use the companies logo.

multiple intelligences for kids

Hey! all kids are smartARE YOU SMART?
A book just for  kids!
This children’s book will not only delight young readers, it will also help them discover their personal areas of smart. Children, parents and teachers will go on a magical bus ride with Mrs. Dilly and her class to the All Kids Are Smart School. Many of them don’t think they are smart, but soon realize they are all smart in their own unique way.
8 full pages with fun activities for kids are also included!

The fun illustrations are by Val Chadwick Bagley, also known as the cartoon guy. Val has illustrated many children’s books and comic strips.

Val Chadwick Bagley

Val Chadwick Bagley  has been self-employed as “The Cartoonist Guy” since 1990. He has produced nearly 100 products, ranging from picture books to activity books to games and more, and has sold more than one million copies. He is also a regular contributor to the New Era and Friend magazines. He is married, with five children and seven grandchildren.

To see Val’s books and where to purchase them just CLICK HERE.