christy-writingThis year has truly been one of personal self-discovery and taking chances. I have published nine books so far, but my book, HEY! All Kids Are Smart was seeing a fifteen-year dream come true. I have always been very passionate about helping others see their potential and acting on it. It was always a goal of mine to put all of my experience into a book.

I didn’t want my book to just be stories either, I wanted it to offer more. The book was to give areas of personal strength to search out and discover, relatable people to look up, activities to work on and a realistic plan of action where personal goals are obtainable. I saw it all unfold in January when I officially released by first self-help book.

I soon discovered that writing the book was going to be the easy part of my new journey. I let all of my Facebook followers know about it and participated in book signings and farmer’s markets. But it wasn’t enough. Just how was I going to get the word out about this life-changing book for kids to the public? I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to New York City to a conference on how to meet the media. SCARY!

I listened and took page after page of notes. The first few media producers, hosts and professional bloggers I met were very gracious. Okay, one ripped my head off, but I got back on my feet and kept trying. But as time went on, I became bolder and threw my original pitch out the door and just gave them me. All of a sudden I was booked on three radio programs! (One of which has had me back on the air two more times. Thank you Ed Tyll and producer Karen!)

I also started a blog. This has been a bit more challenging than I had anticipated but as time passes, I am starting to get the hang of it.

My fifteen-year dream is unfolding and coming true right before my eyes. Never did I think that I would be changing my focus of being a professional photographer and specialized teacher, to a writer with a platform to passionately speak about. I also discovered that my advice to others has become my own road to a new self-discovery!

2017 will bring a lot more passion of discovering who YOU are as well as your child’s. I can’t wait to take the journey with you!