Sherryl 2Many kind acts of service are performed on a daily basis by those who live around us. Some are big and make the news, some are quietly done unnoticed and others out of pure love. Sherryl Hutchings, provides an unselfish service out of pure love for those in our animal world. For many years, she has unselfishly given of her time and efforts, and has rescued over sixty animals including dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and even turtles.
“The earliest recollection I have of rescuing animals is when a good friend of mine found some abandoned kittens. She didn’t know what to do with them, so I snatched them up,” recalls Sherryl. She has always had a strong love for animals, so attempting to help the small kittens was something she was willing to try and do.
Many of the animals she rescues are babies, some only a few days old. “When you have kittens that are under a week old, they require being fed every two hours, even during the night. I’m fortunate that I work for a business that allows me to bring some of these small babies with me so that I can keep them on a healthy feeding schedule.”
Sherryl admits that taking care of many of the animals can be a lot of work, but feels it is well worth the sacrifice of personal time. When her children had all moved out, she felt the pangs of an empty nest. She feels that rescuing animals has been therapeutic in a way.
Some of her experiences have been heartbreaking. Sherryl admits that it is very sad when some of the animals don’t make it after she gave all of her efforts in taking care of them, which also includes taking them to a local veterinary for check-ups. She says that what can hurt the most are the circumstances in which many are found. Some have been just thrown away in dumpsters like trash, some abandoned, and others are lost but their owners never come looking for them.
Not all of the animals she rescues have sad endings though. This past August Sherryl and her family were 4 wheeling in the high Uintah Mountains when they came across a Belgin Malinois. The female dog was frightened and extremely under weight. “After a bit of coaxing, she came out of her hiding place to me and we became friends,” said Sherryl. They figured the dog had been in the mountains fending for herself for a minimum of a week. She made every attempt to locate the dog’s family, but no one reported the dog as missing.
Ranger, as she was named, was nursed back to health and found a good home. Ranger now works for the K9 Handler for the Provo City Police Department. She is currently being trained as a cadaver dog. Sherryl’s heart ached to let her go but knew that Ranger needed to be with someone who could put her high energy to good use. “The world will be a little safer with Ranger in her new job.”
Many of the animals she rescues wouldn’t be put into a desperate situation if owners would be responsible. Sherryl feels that if people can’t take care of an animal, not just feeding them but other responsibilities too, they shouldn’t get the animal. She also emphasized that pets should be spayed or neutered, chipped and tagged. All of these are so simple to do but very neglected by many pet owners.
Those who know Sherryl tell her she is an angel of mercy for our animal friends. Sherryl just laughs and tells them she does this because it is the right thing to do and she loves it.

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