All children enter into this life with an abundance of needs. Children with special needs should never be stopped or limited to exploring who they are or reaching their full potential. All children have their own learning style whether or not they have a special need. An advantage special needs children can have over other children is they haven’t been “trained” to express themselves in “normal” conventional ways. Therefore, they often excel in areas that other kids don’t.

Take billionaire Richard Branson for example. Reading and writing was very difficult for him as a child so his teachers labeled him as lazy and not very clever. Dyslexia at this time was misunderstood, so he didn’t have any books or specialists to help him, nor did his teachers understand his style of learning. While sitting in class at school his mind was constantly thinking of the different things he could do after school. His teachers were frustrated with him and the headmaster of his school told him that in life he would either end up in prison or become a millionaire.

Today Richard Branson is a billionaire entrepreneur. His company, Virgin Group, owns more than 200 companies in over 30 countries. What is the secret to his success?  He will tell you that his dyslexia made him look at the world differently.

According to Shirley Moulton, M.S., a special education teacher for thirty years, believes “Each child, whether classified with a disability or not, has many talents, abilities, and gifts.”