What are your superpowers

When I talk about superpowers, I’m talking about your personal areas of strength. Everyone has something that makes them unique. This strength can influence us in how we learn, how we explore, and how we use our knowledge.

How To Find Your Superpower

I have defined the eight main areas of strength (or areas of smart) below. Read over them and see if you recognize any of them within yourself. You will most likely find that you have several areas of strength.

If you want to take a short-cut, I have also provided a survey that will help you identify you and/or your child’s area(s) of strength.

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Superpowers Quiz shortcut

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Body Strong people are those who learn best through physical movement and hands-on activities. They are good at controlling their large and small motor skills especially in handling objects. They use their body to express emotion, play games, create, and communicate. Sometimes they are mistakenly labeled as “over active” because many need to move while sitting in a quiet environment such as school, movies, and church.

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There are many different ways to be Word Strong. Many Word Strong people love language, written or spoken. This doesn’t mean that they will have all of the traits listed. In fact, they may not be a good reader or can’t spell well, but they are good at telling a story. Word Smart can involve a love for reading, writing, foreign languages, telling stories or playing word games.

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Logic Strong people are abstract thinkers and are good at rational reasoning. They have a talent for being detailed, and they like to explore things around them and find solutions. Working with numbers, charts, and patterns is also a characteristic of being Logic Strong. Many like to categorize and classify things and information.

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People who have a strong sense of music, rhythms, and sounds are Music Strong.  Some may be able to sing but can’t play an instrument. They may enjoy different types of music, or sounds and rhythms. Some might enjoy playing an instrument such as a piano or guitar or listening to someone else play one. Writing their own their feelings to music is also another form of being Music Strong. There are many ways to be Music Strong.

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Picture Strong people think visually and notice details, patterns, textures, and colors. They may express themselves with artistic mediums instead of with words. They like to draw, do puzzles, and build things. Many are good at reading maps and charts while others enjoy watching movies. Most remember things in detail that others may not have noticed.

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Nature Strong people  want to be outdoors exploring and working. Many have a strong love of animals and are knowledgeable about them. Those who have a strong love for the outdoors easily recognize and categorize plants, animals, and rocks. Nature Strong also includes those who like to nurture and grow things.

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Those who are People Strong get along well with others whether they are friends or strangers. The majority of them are very seldom shy. They communicate well with others and care about their needs and ideas. People Strong ladies can be leaders or followers.

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Self Strong people like privacy and their own space. Many have a good understanding of who they are and what they want and they believe in themselves. They tend to be good at reacting to problems and feel confident in solving them or know who to seek out to help solve them. Some seek to know the purpose of their life and career path. They aren’t necessarily introverted; many are very outgoing.