imagination bos

What is the best gift to give to a child? The gift of imagination! I have played many roles in the lives of children such as: school teacher, art instructor, Cub Scout Den Leader, mom, babysitter, friend, and preschool teacher. One thing that I found that all kids have in common is a never ending desire to use their imagination.

It doesn’t take expensive tools to encourage a child’s imagination. In fact, most of the tools and supplies they need are random things you already have around your house. All you need to start with is a relatively large box, like a computer paper box. Suggested items to put into the box are:

Toilet paper and paper towel roles
A variety of small boxes such as: body soap boxes, toothpaste boxes, macaroni and cheese boxes, etc.
Lids from milk cartons, pop bottles, water bottles, jam jar lids, baby food bottle lids, etc.
Scraps of fabric
Scissors (some with fun edges if possible)
String and yarn
A variety of paper including wrapping paper, printer paper, construction paper and yes, even newspaper.
And anything else that looks fun to create with, just throw it into the box too.

I have watched kids build houses, cars, mini tee pees, roads, puppets, collages and even hockey sticks out of newspaper with the odd things that I have put into an imaginations box. So when you are trying to figure out what to give a child in your life for Christmas or a birthday this year, think outside of the box (or inside of it). Give them the gift of imagination. It’s a gift that is priceless!