When I looked up an official definition of the word, creativity, I found many different answers. Some definitions included: personality traits, idea-centric communications, phenomenon, conducive environments, only for artist, etc. EEK! Is it that complicated of a word and only for people with paint brushes???

I then decided to “be more creative” in finding my answer so I looked up its synonyms instead. I discovered many wonderful words that crossed many different spectrum’s of what creativity really is:  inventiveness, imagination, innovation, innovativeness, originality, individuality; artistry, inspiration, vision; enterprise, initiative, and resourcefulness.

Then I found the following awesome video by John Spencer. I love how he applies creativity into many different areas of thinking and life in general. Please take a look at his video:

We Need a Bigger Definition of Creativity

For the following month, I’m going to focus on creativity and what it really is and why it doesn’t have to be so complicated.